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listening to "Mariee Sioux-Wild Eyes" →

Mariee Sioux - Wild Eyes // keep your friends close, your enemies closer and the heating blanket right on you. ‘nite

listening to "07 Mariee Sioux Wizard flurry home" →

Mariee Sioux - Wizard Flurry Home // from ‘Faces In The Rocks’

listening to "Jen Olive - Wire Wire" →

Jen Olive – Wire Wire @jen_olive

listening to "Rykarda Parasol - A Drinking Song" →

Rykarda Parasol – A Drinking Song @RykardaMusic // been following this girl forever it seems. good song and can you dig that fucking voice?! damn…!

listening to "Candy Girl by Trailer Trash Tracys" →

Trailer Trash Tracys - Candy Girl // “Trailer Trash Tracys” | “Betty Crocker” … “To-may-toe” | “To-mah-toe”

listening to "Ortolan - Sticky Situation" →

Ortolan – Sticky Situation

listening to "Eternal Summers - Able To" →

Eternal Summers – Able To @EternalSummers // i’m givin’ up all my best secrets here people (i feel so cheap - kind of a turn on)

listening to "Seven-Chew Lips" →

Chew Lips - Seven @Chew_Lips

listening to " →

Autumn Shade - Home // kinda sandavol’ish yah? good song.

listening to "Thea Gilmore - See If They Applaud" →

Thea Gilmore – See If They Applaud @theagilmore // old but not tired (the song that is), thea’s a died-in-the-wool poet of the highest calibur